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Czym się zajmujemy?

Virtual Museum of the Anthropocene

WMA is the first of its kind fully virtual cultural institution examining and documenting the nuances of the human era – the Anthropocene.

We examine and reflect upon the environmental changes triggered by human activity as well as the relationship between humans, nature and technology.

The interdisciplinary approach is at the core of our work, allowing us to combine the freedom of creative expression with the scientific and technological innovations and breakthroughs in our explorations.


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Cooperation with Radio Kapitał.

WMA is proud to co-create the Band for Earth in Radio Kapitał. If you want to hear about the Anthropocene (and more) from Jaśmina Madej, please feel invited! (Radio broadcast is in Polish)

Current exhibition

WMA proudly presents second edition of the Frames of the Anthropocene. Man, nature and technology are captured and confronted in a set of photos. Exhibition was curated by Karolina Raczyńska.

Past projects

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The exhibition presented various aspects of human and animal migration. Its aim was to challenge certain stereotypes and give a voice and a face to each type of migration. Human journeys were interspersed with animal journeys, some of which were forced by climate change or human domination. The exhibition was available on the Kunstmatrix platform, its curators were Agnieszka Włudyka and Magda Stańczyk with technical help from Karolina Raczyńska.

Kadry Antropocenu

The Frames of the Anthropocene evolved from the WMA's social media project #kadryantropocenu. Exhibition gathered and presented photos previously published on museum's social media alongside those collected from the members of the collective. The main theme of the exhibition was the fragmentary and symbolic perception of our presence. Exhibition was curated by Karolina Raczyńska and Natalia Skoczylas.


The exhibition took the form of a digital album of photos previously published on social media, taken in popular travel destinations. "Destinations" were an attempt to present our need to travel and the impact of tourism on the environment, and to look at popular trends in framing the world and ourselves in it. The exhibition was created using My Album platform. The curator of the exhibition was Karolina Raczyńska.

Niezaspokojony głód

We consume food, but also goods, images, content and relationships with other people. Does it only occurs when we want to satisfy our needs? Has it become a goal itself? Can consumption also be a creative act? Could it form a path for critical reflection and artistic expression? The exhibition was available on Mozilla Hubs. Its curators were Dominika Jeżewska and Olga Wojdyńska.

Człowiek! tu byłem

"Human! was here ”, The inaugural exhibition of the WMA was a visual and conceptual exploration of the idea of ​​the Anthropocene - the era of man; a reflection on its complexities and contradictions. The exhibition explored and questioned what seems obvious when we think about the impact of mankind on the environment, dealing with the heritage that our species will leave behind. It was an attempt to reach for possible futures and to question the current position of humans in the ecosystem. The exhibition was presented on the Kunstmatrix platform. The curator of the exhibition was Dominika Jeżewska.


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„Dwutygodnik ”is an online magazine devoted to culture. Established in 2009, it combines the traditions of Polish literary magazines with modern online journalism. Ewa Drygalska spoke with Joanna Sarnecka, Agnieszka Włudyka and Magda Stańczyk about the 'Migrations' exhibition and the activities of the Virtual Museum of Anthropocene.

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